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Smart Lighting & Shade Control

Simplifying and Coordinating Lighting Needs with Efficiency & Intelligence
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Custom-designed and easy-to-control lighting and window treatments can effectively influence the ambience of your home, make your home decor look fantastic, become more energy efficient, and increase security by making home appear occupied when no one is home. Improving the atmosphere of your home 24/7, from "Good Morning" to "Good Night".


In new construction, Lighting Control allows you to remove the clutter of light switches on your wall and into a device that controls most of the smart appliances and media throughout the home. Using a central dimmer system approach for lighting, all the user switches are located where you need them, not where the lighting dictates they have to be.

Today, a tablet or keypad device in a smart home enables you to trigger any system or event you choose, right from the keypad device!

Zoned Lighting is a modern approach to home systems design. Whether watching TV, dining, or entertaining, custom-tailored lighting control allows you to change the ambience and set the mood of any area of your home, inside or outside with the simple touch of a button.

Smart lighting control also contributes to a safe secure environment by linking with the security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected. Never come home to a dark house again.

Maybe most important, lighting control and dimming actually pay you back over time! You actually save energy by simply dimming the lights.

New construction or upgrade – let us create a lighting solution perfect for you.


By using motorized window-treatments, you are simply cutting down on energy expenses. With smart window treatments from Audio Visual Architects, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home increasing the mood & comfort while reducing the energy needed to maintain the environmental temperature, while also protecting artwork and furnishings from damaging UV rays.

Motorized shading, curtains and drapery transform harsh glare into soft pleasing light, enhance privacy while preserving exterior views, and change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep with the simple press of a button.

Make an appointment with one of our designers to discuss how to motorize your window treatments and discover the hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to compliment any decor.

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