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During your consultation, our knowledgeable team of designers will get to know your specific needs to find the most ideal and effective solutions. We will also answer all of your questions and get you the insights you seek. Whether simple or extensive, based on your needs, we will design a perfectly integrated, easy-to-use system with the best products and equipment within your budget. Send us a note, and a member of our team will contact you very shortly to schedule an appointment.

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Tech / Design Team Consultation

You will have a personal consultation with a designer and tech specialist. During this step we discuss your vision for your space and important design elements. From there we will recommend the best balance of audio, video and acoustic design.

    Produce a design package

    Design drawings of 4 walls and celling. We will create Auto CAD drawings of the floor plan, walls, and ceilings. Then, we add the seating layout, sight lines, and viewing angles.

    Acoustic and Tech analysis

    We must be sure that your Sound and Video are the highest level. That is why during this step we do a dimensional analysis to prepare for acoustical, sound and video optimization.

    Photo 3D CAD Rendering of Design

    When you are happy with all choices you have made, we produce an artisan class 3D rendering. It will give you a unique opportunity to see how your theater will look when it is installed.

      Select Your materials / finishes

      Seeing your theater before it is built is the best way to correct something or add on. We will assist you in choosing the materials and equipment that matches your vision.

      Approval and sign-off

      In this step, the final color board, including all materials and finishes, is produced and integrated into your 3D theater rendering.